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What is LateefLab?

LateefLab is a website to give back to the community! I wanted to give back to the community that helped build a career. This site is made open-source for all to see, inspect, and clone! Currently, this site features a blog app where I post my Django, Python, and JavaScript tutorials. I also have a few pages dedicated to the gig work I'm interested in doing for clients (use the contact form if you're interested!).

Open Source

Lateef Lab is made open source! Check out the repository I listed on GitHub. I wanted to keep this site open source to give back to the open source community. Also, many developers may want to know how to do cool things on their web app/site (like make it timezone aware). Having the source code available for all to see gives curious developers a real world, in production example for implementing complex features.

Gig Work

I'm open to doing gig work! If you would like to work together on a project, need a extra developer, or want your own website, use the contact form today! Take a look at the services tab on this site as it'll give you an idea of what web services I have experience working on.

Lateef Adetona
CEO - Founder