Top 3 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Python

My favorite VSCode extensions for Python heyylateef | Jan 17 2022


Developers love Visual Studio Code (VSCode for short). According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey for 2021, VSCode is the most popular Integrated Developer Environment (IDE for short). Without further ado, here are the top 3 VSCode extensions (updated March 2022).

1. Django - Baptiste Darthenay

This extension is great for Django developers. The extension helps developers by styling Django/Jinja2 syntax within the HTML templates. No longer will devs see a "sea of white text" when putting together their front-end in a Django project. Go install plugin  if you're a Django developer:

2. MagicPython -

Here is a great syntax highlighter for all Python developers. It nicely highlights different keywords, decorations, declarations, etc. This extension is among the very few that I install on every PC I work on Python projects on. Download here: 

3. SQLite - alexcvzz